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Wow Lip Tint Tattoo (CLEARANCE)

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Wow Lip Tint Tattoo 

SHIPS FROM THE USA!! Get it in just a few days not weeks or months. And it comes in its cute Retail Box!

Customers sent us videos of what seem to be is cranking up the internet traffic; it's called Lip Tint Tattoo. It's a painless tattoo that last up to than 12 hours. The basic use is, apply generously paying attention not to go over your natural lip line, let it dry for 10 minutes but longer than 10 minutes the better. This way the stain will stay longer on your lips. That's it. Just maintain it with  a lipgloss or lipbalm to keep your lips moist and juicy.
You ask for it, we bring it. No need to wait a month for a lip tint tattoo, we did the waiting for you. Get it in just days!
TIP: If you live in a place that has low temperature (Cold), warm up the tube with your hands or soak in hot water otherwise the cream texture would be thick and hard to apply. 

1. First, cover clean lips in a thick layer of the lip tattoo. This will make it easier to peel off in the later steps. Clean off any excess around the lip line with a qtip.

2. Wait for 10-15 minutes for the product to dry. Keep your lips apart otherwise product will stick to each other and mess up the process it will still stain your lips but it may come out uneven and create a mess. Check if they’re dry by lightly tapping on the surface; if they do not feel sticky or come off onto your fingers, then you’re ready for step three.

3. Now peel the entire layer off. You can gently do this by “loosening” a small edge at the side of your lip, rather than pulling and tugging at your lips. Or simply perch your lips inward and it should peel on its own then you can peel the rest away.

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